10 questions every MAN begs a WOMAN to ask…

I mean Seriously we all know women like to talk about themselves and often we pass over the opportunity of asking a man about himself. So here is your opportunity.

Ask Me This:

What are my interests?

Ask Me the right questions and you have my interest and my penis. Also, I need attention, so if you want to keep my Interest pay attention.

If you want to keep my Interest pay attention.

What am I Passionate about? – If you want to know me find out what I like, what I do for fun, who I admire, what I do that excites them. When asked “What do you do”, most men will answer about their job, but for me, If I meet a new woman, I’d rather tell them about what’s fun in my life. If my life is boring at the time, it’s motivation to get going…

Ask me if I have a Good Heart? – If I enjoy sharing, touching, laughter, kindness.

Ask me if I enjoy communication? – Yes typically men lead with logic but I need to connect not only physically but mentally and spiritually.

Ask me if I’m Passionate? – I will tell you I have feelings, I am masculine but have a soft side too. I can be sensitive.

I am masculine but have a soft side too

Ask me if I’m a trusting person? – Be ready for my honesty.

Ask me for advice? – But only if you’re willing to take it.

Ask me if I’m predictable? – I am a creature of habit, I want to see how you respond to that.

Ask me if I have a sense of humor? – If you don’t have a sense of humor there will be no relationship.

Ask me if I enjoy my independence? – Relationships go beyond just each other. Still need to go outside of a relationship for stimulation of sorts, like work, friend’s, & separate interests can keep a relationship more exciting and stimulating.