Prynce P redefines the word CYPHER…

In this jam-packed lineup of features, it appears that the almost forgotten song format known as the “Cypher” (not to be confused with group freestyles ) is alive and well. Prynce P with 13 others redefines what it means to bring the onslaught from stage to album.

The “Triple D Cypher”, by Prynce P is a perfect execution of this rarely-still-practiced song style. The assembled lineup for this track is eclectic enough that you feel like you are getting a veritable sampler dish of styles and sounds that are distinct and unique. Yet, with all 13 artists still feels cohesive and smooth.

The lineup of features includes Big Tuck, Mr. Pookie, HeadKrack, Rakim Al-Jabbaar, Keynote, and Alsace Carcione — and there isn’t a bad verse among them. The track is reminiscent of the 2011 underground classic, “World Wide Choppers,” accredited to Tech N9ne and featuring various speed-rappers from around the world.

True to its form, the “Triple D Cypher” is laugh-out-loud funny (over and over again, actually); it’s exciting, and almost over-stimulating (in a good way). And if one of the featured artists just isn’t doing it for you, wait five to ten seconds and, voila —problem solved.

“Triple D Cypher” is most notably fast-paced — even frenzied at times — with every feature seeming to want to make the most out of their time. One emcee strings imperceptibly into the next in a dizzying parade of changing voices, this track is the variety bag of all the things we love about classic lyricism. The Cypher is full of consistent punch-line hilarity, rapid, run-on rhyme-schemes, animated rhythms, all unique to each new voice. These rappers leave an explosive impression on the listener and can verbalize and stylize an entire verse in less time than modern songs have between adlibs. The exuberant, animated rotation of rappers come and go almost too fast to catch every transition. They appear and disappear on the beat, no fuss or muss, no fade-to-black, just back to back bars. Since the “Triple D Cypher” dropped last year it has increasingly shown up on the hip hop radar, is it poised for a comeback?